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Our Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the Foothills Church Academy.  As we prepare for a new school year, our goal is to provide students in our community with an education that can facilitate the achievement of their dreams.  This is a joint effort that, in order to succeed, requires the student to work together with their parents and the school staff.
Our admission process involves the following simple steps:


Fill out our Academic Interest Form, located below.


We'll contact you

to setup an appointment.


During your visit you’ll get questions answered & complete your application.


Monthly tuition:    $375 per student

Annual registration:    $250 per student

New student placement testing:   $30

Home school 2-Day Option available. Find out more here.

For information regarding admissions, registration packets, or to schedule a visit to our facility please contact us at (775) 846-8231 or e-mail:

In the interest of providing our students with the best possible educational experience in a positive setting, Foothills Church Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to students who have been expelled/suspended from previous placements due to behavioral issues. 

Academic Interest Form

Academic Interest Form

Thanks for submitting!

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